Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning (NQF 6)


The aim of the Advanced Certificate in Planning is to provide learners with a practical understanding of Financial Planning within a broad context. It offers extensive insight into Financial Planning, and allows for specialisation in different areas. This qualification intends to create access to post-graduate learning.
Successful learners will receive an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning (NQF Level 6) after the successful completion of all the learning programmes. You will also be exempt from the competency exam set by the FPI, for access to your FSA™ status and allows for FPI student membership at registration.

What will the qualification enable you to do?

  • To promote the development of knowledge and skills that is required in the Financial Planning industry.
  • To assist learners to achieve their full potential in the Financial Planning sector.
  • To enhance opportunities for both existing and prospective learners’ career progression in this sector.
  • To provide opportunities for life-long learning for individuals in the Financial Planning industry.
  • Equip learners with the skills and competencies to effectively run their own practice by studying business management and the intricacies of advanced aspects of legislation and taxation. These enabling aspects are imperative for successful application of the principles of Financial Planning and to focus on personal Financial Planning in this specialised qualification.
  • Qualifying learners will have a detailed understanding of personal and corporate Financial Planning and taxation principles, as well as fundamental legal concepts.
  • Empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required to operate confidently and respond to the challenges of the South African economic environment.

Who should attend?

The qualification aims to develop informed and skilled qualifying learners and is sufficiently flexible to accommodate learners already employed in the Financial Planning sector. The qualification is a continuation and further development of a career path in the Financial Planning sector. The skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes acquired in the course of completing this qualification are building blocks necessary for employment and advancement in the Financial Planning arena or for further graduate or post-graduate studies.

This qualification is ideal for:

  • Financial Planners who plan to further their skills and knowledge.
  • Financial Planners who plan to pursue a pathway toward NQF7 and ultimately Post-graduate studies at NQF Level 8, to obtain the coveted CFP® status as a Certified Financial Planner Professional.

Learning programmes covered

Learning programme 1
Legislation and Economics
(25 Credits)
Legislation in Financial PlanningLEGI15
Behavioural Finance & EconomicsECN10
Learning programme 2
Tax and Business Insurance Solutions
(35 Credits)
Taxation for Financial PlannersTAX15
Estate Planning to Propose a Financial Solution for High-Net Worth ClientsEPHN10
Business Insurance as a Long-term Financial Solution for High-Net Worth ClientsBINS10
Learning programme 3
Financial Statements and Investments
(35 Credits)
Financial Statements in a Business EnvironmentFINS15
Advanced Investment AdviceINVEST20
Learning programme 4
Corporate Benefits
(30 Credits)
Group Retirement BenefitsGRB12
Retirement Wealth PreservationRWP12
Health Care in a Financial EnvironmentHCFE6

Learning Material

Every single learning programme on the curriculum has an accompanying Learner Guide, which includes prescribed reading, practical assignments, assessment activities and tutorial letters. This will be sent to you via e-mail once the payment has been made and the registration is approved. In addition, a textbook is also prescribed to supplement the readings (LexisNexis: The South African Financial Planning Handbook).

The e-mail will contain the following:

  • Electronic Learner Guide with self-assessments
  • Case study (MS Word format)
  • Summative assessment (written exam) guidelines
  • Order form: LexisNexis textbook

In the event that you are unable to understand a question, you can contact us and we will put you in contact with one of our Subject-matter Experts (SME) who will assist you with all your academic queries.

Accreditation and Certification


Moonstone Business School of Excellence (Pty) Ltd acknowledges that, certification in vocational education and training and the content of the certificate, are regulated by the National Board of Education and governed by the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No 101 of 1997) as well as Regulation 1 of the Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions, 2002 (hereafter referred to as “the Regulations”).

Institutional vocational education and training
Learners are awarded a qualification certificate upon the successful completion of all the studies required for the qualification.

A student resigning without completing the qualification is given a certificate of resignation, which lists the completed studies and their grades. On request, learners may also be granted a certificate of completed studies while still continuing the programme. The specific qualification certificate will be issued by Moonstone Business School of Excellence.

Method of training

MBSE reserves the right to cancel facilitation in any region if registrations are insufficient.

Admission Requirements

For access to the Advanced Certificate: Financial Planning (NQF Level 6), learners must be in possession of:

  1. An appropriate, accredited NQF Level 5 qualification (preferably the Higher Certificate in Wealth Management: NQF 5).
    • OR
  2. An appropriate, accredited Bachelor’s degree NQF Level 6 in, for example, commerce, law, finance, accounting, etc.
Starting Date 



CHE Qualification: Learners must complete the full qualification to receive recognition of credits

Method of Training
Facilitated learning

Class Attendance

Qualification Duration
1 Year
(Learners have 2 years to complete)

Admission Requirements
Accredited NQF Level 5 qualification
Accredited Bachelor’s degree NQF Level 6


2017 fees TBC