our School

Here at Moonstone Business School of Excellence, we follow our mission
for the benefit of our business and students.


Moonstone Business School of Excellence’s mission is to deliver innovative, value-driven, and flexible training solutions that are aligned to the specific needs of individuals seeking professional development and formal training within the broader Financial Services Sector.


Our keys to success


We base it on the following values:

  1. Integrity: Match behaviour with values.
  2. Failure leads to success: Learn from your mistakes.
  3. Speak with good purpose: Speak honestly and kindly.
  4. Commitment: Make your dreams happen.
  5. Ownership: Take responsibility for your actions.

Achievable, realistic goals

We develop our material based on the S.M.A.R.T. principle:

  1. Specific: Purposed built to suit your specific need.
  2. Measurable: Built on relevant criteria.
  3. Attainable: Broken down into Learning Programmes/Skills Programmes/Modules.
  4. Realistic: Achievable within the timelines.
  5. Timely: Up-to-date with the latest changes.

Friendly customer service

We base it on the following actions:

  1. Focus on service before anything else.
  2. Endeavour to create a unique customer experience.
  3. Measure satisfaction and engagement to improve service.
  4. Solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  5. Listen to our customers; take appropriate action; keep it simple.


We intend to keep up with changes by:

  • Bringing new ideas, new methods or new products to an organisation.
  • Using capabilities that exist in a company or are augmented by strategic alliances.

Effective communication

We achieve this by doing the following:

  • Endeavor to understand the perspective of the student and using terminology with which they are comfortable.
  • Ask for feedback to make sure the information was received as intended.


We base it on the following:

  • The willingness to try something different when we realise that what we’re doing isn’t working.
  • Responding to change or new situations in ways that move us forward.

Our objectives

  • Delivering demand-driven training through various training solutions by utilizing suitably qualified academic and administrative staff.
  • Providing education and training aligned to current global best practices, that seek to continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Providing cost-effective training solutions which will contribute positively to bottom-line results.
  • Providing flexible and affordable training solutions to broaden access to our institution and its services.
  • Remaining directly aligned and responsive to the requirements of the various regulators, professional bodies and the recognized sub-frameworks in South Africa.
  • Remaining committed to quality assurance: in the content of our programmes, assessment and
    moderation processes, the means of delivery, the support offered to students, information and data security, administration processes and certification.
  • Promoting interactivity through cutting-edge technologies; bridging the geographical- and pedagogical-divide through the application of advanced learning methodologies and systems; utilization of advanced logistical and administrative support procedures; and the application of a holistic student support model that seeks to promote early identification of student disengagement.
  • Striving to be a socially responsible institution that contributes positively to the economy and society.

Here at Moonstone Business School of Excellence, we follow our vision & mission for the benefit of our business and learners. Our vision is to deliver innovative and unique training solutions that add value to our learners.