Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

The assessment of current competence/ recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Moonstone Business School of Excellence (Pty) Ltd has procedures for assessing and recognising prior learning. This includes procedures for the selection of potential RPL candidates, personnel and structures to support them through the RPL process.

The RPL process involves the identification, documentation, assessment, evaluation and transcription of prior learning against specified learning outcomes, so that such learning can articulate with admissions requirements to target programmes and be recognised for entry, exemption or accreditation purposes.

The assessment instruments developed for RPL are designed and implemented in accordance with Moonstone Business School of Excellence (Pty) Ltd policies on fair and transparent assessment.

RPL for Higher Education Qualifications

  • If you have done any industry-related subjects and think that you might get exemption for this, please contact the Customer Care Department.
  • An analysis will only be done on relevant industry-related qualifications obtained within the past two years.
  • Subject to approval by the Academic Committee.

RPL for Further Education Qualifications

  • An analysis will be done on credits obtained towards approved Further Education qualifications at NQF Level 4 & 5.
  • Mapping will be done to determine if the correct “Core”, “Fundamental” and “Elective” unit standards were obtained to adhere to the qualification requirements.
  • A student specific learning programme will be compiled to address the unit standards required for the full qualification.
Overview of what we require

What do we need from you to do an analysis or mapping?

  1. Previous qualification/skills programmes/learning programmes/unit standards or non-credit bearing programs.
  2. A matric certificate or equivalent to matric.
  3. A certified copy of your ID.
  4. You full name and surname.
  5. The name of the qualification you wish to register for.

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